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Dr Bruce Ferguson teaches Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to Veterinarians all over the world.

He teaches regularly in China and Reddick, Florida for the Chi Institute.

His specialised course in Topographic Acupuncture which is held over two weekends, teaches Veterinarians, who are already educated in TCVM, a new and extremely strong technique which is applied with minimal needling, so causing less discomfort to the animals and less risk of injury to the Veterinarian.

Dr Bruce Ferguson also teaches Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, the Veterinarians who choose to learn Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine will have a complete approach to their holistic healing. The thousand year old Herbal Formulas reinforce the Acupuncture treatment and make it last longer. The Formulas are designed for every type of disharmony from pain to internal medicine.

Dr Bruce Ferguson teaches Traditional Chinese Veterinary Tui-na. He teaches this at the Chi Institute as part of the school's Masters of Science Program.

Last, but certainly not least! Dr Bruce teaches to small groups of pet/horse owners about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food Therapy so that they can make the right choices for their animals, this course empowers owners to know more about this Holistic Medicine and to understand the treatments given to their pets or horses.

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